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“Desing and architecture cultural shift”

Jeremy Till (b. 1957) is a British architect, writer and educator. He is Head of Central Saint Martins and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Arts London. His key works Flexible Housing [with Tatjana Schneider, 2007], Architecture Depends [2009] and Spatial Agency [with Nishat Awan and Tatjana Schneider, 2011] are all winners of the RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding Research, and have made him an essential figure in the contemporary social and political aspects of architecture and design thinking.

This conversation with Leonardo Novelo took place in December 2014, at Central Saint Martins “Scarcity” room in London by commission of FAD’s (Fostering Arts and Design) Xarxes d’Opinió.

Published at Quaderns edited by Ethel Baraona