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Critical Condition - Uprising Scenarios

We are faced with the opportunity of transforming waste from the crisis into critical facts; a new cooperation set in a fruitful dialogue with the present. Today the scenario is complex and the questions are urgent. Essentially, architecture that emerges from this crisis cries out for weighting not only for its lucrative potential, but also by the depth of its agreement to society and culture, in a stable and constructive relationship. It is not a new system of provisional limited intentions, but of disciplinary rehabilitation in its own roots and soil.

Copy & Paste - Replica, recycling & re-appropriation

It’s been awhile since the term "copy-paste" is part of our lexicon. It refers to the fragment, to collage, to manipulation. But also to dialogue with tradition and to the sense of humour. It is a dynamic that plays with the context and demonstrates that new is not the same as original. Therefore it is not strange that while dealing with copy and paste jump into the discussion table issues such as intellectual property, technical (or digital) reproducibility and the contemporary mania for the implant. In any case, is evident that the term confronts us with the human creativity; the replica, the recycling and the re-appropriation.

The Energetic - Soi-disant New Paradigm

LIVE - Immediate Content

Urban Aging - Generational Boundaries

No Housing - Soil is Over