Bringing back architecture to be a public affair, not a private one.

Editorial Work

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In a moment where architects have become servants to the bonfire of neoliberalism architecture, what's the social status of the profession? Mostly, architectural practice in the last two decades has satisfied the neoliberal demand for recognizable agents exacerbated by media, markets and the will of power.

So INPUTMAP tries to unveil and stimulates nonconformity.

Is architectural current definition a valid one to the complex layering of society? does it have the proper communicative thickness to gain social corpse and be accurate? is it a shared project for local architectural solutions or is just a patchwork of inoculant agents driven by a fresh language? or is it simply an accent on the global generic?

Then, INPUTMAP is not about neo liberal architecture. Is about investigating and document the workpaths that make sense on our contemporaneity, and lighting-up, under adverse circumstances, another meaning of things.

Because without public concerns, there is no architecture, just building.

INPUTMAP is based in Barcelona and has epicenters in Paris and Tokyo. DIRECTOR/EDITOR Leonardo Novelo | CHAIRMAN Florian Busch | BOARD Eduardo Cadaval, Enrique Díaz Álvarez, Leopold Banchini (Geneve), Fernanda Canales (México), Erike Grossmann (Berlin), Paulo Moreira (Porto), Laurent Pinon (Paris), Juan Pablo Porta (Buenos Aires) | GRAPHIC DESIGN Sílvia Langa | ADMINISTRATOR Aida Cortés | CONTACT